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Commercial Landlord: Things You need to know?

How to protect yourself from costly surprises and unwelcome litigation?   Leasing commercial property brings a whole range of considerations that never muddy the waters when you’re renting to residential tenants. For a start, the stakes are much higher and the amount of expense you can incur from an unreliable tenant can be astronomical. Knowing…

Estate Taxes in Trump’s America

Donald Trump has proposed a radical tax reform agenda for his presidency. Part of this reform is his intention to repeal the estate tax. For some people, this will be a considerable change with significant repercussions. But, because more changes to the tax code are anticipated, high-net-worth families should consider what this change could mean…

“I’ll let you be the Judge”

I was at a sushi restaurant the other night. It was crowded, and I was only there because I wanted traffic to die down before I began a long drive home.  So I sat at the bar and just ordered some food. As I was waiting for my order, a guy walks up to the…

Estate Planning Lessons From ‘Manchester by the Sea’

A friend recommended that my wife and I watch “Manchester by the Sea” so, of course, it somewhat took an act of God to find night coverage for Jiya, finally slip out of the house, and go watch a movie.  That alone was memorable, sadly enough.   But the movie stung hard, and really hit…

6 Smart Ways to Legally Help Reduce Your 2017 Taxes ?

Growing your business doesn’t have to mean growing your legal matters too?   Growing your business doesn’t have to mean growing your legal matters too. Pretty much all of us would like to keep as much money as we can and not have to worry about tax deductions every year. Just as Albert Einstein said,…

Estate Planning Essentials for Parents

A comprehensive estate plan can protect the things that matter most. For many, this means their property and their family. Including provisions for the care of your children in your estate plan is essential for peace of mind. But many parents struggle with including such provisions as naming a legal guardian for their child in…

Doing Your Homework: How to Maximize Your Home Office Deduction

If you work from home, you may be eligible for tax deductions on part of the rent or mortgage payments you make, but you may be afraid this puts you at risk of tax audit. And, rightly so. Calculating your home office deduction properly can minimize your taxes and keep you out of risk. The…

Estate Planning Considerations for Non-U.S. Citizens

  There are many reasons why people do estate planning. The most common reason is to avoid probate and to make sure your assets go to your loved ones after you die, instead of being seized by the courts. But there is another reason why some people must do estate plans and it has to…

New Laws Business Leaders Should Know in 2018?

are you updated on 2018laws as a business leader??   Just as death and taxes are certainties, so are annual changes to laws and regulations governing businesses. This year is no exception. Most of the changes to the 2018 laws governing businesses occurred at the state level, but there were some significant changes that also…

(Re)Defining Family: Estate Planning for the Post-Nuclear Family

Blended families, unmarried couples, assistive reproductive technology (ART) and same-sex unions and marriages challenge the traditional concept of “family” as it’s been known for legal purposes up until now. Significant changes in the way we define family culturally means more families are left without the valuable protection they need, in the event of a death…

“A 50% Chance”

So, no matter how hard I tried to stop her from growing up, our baby girl turned 2 this past week.  In two years, she’s come a long way: she’s mastered the word ‘no’ ; she role plays and does impersonations; and when she really wants me to work for it, she’ll refer to me only by my first…

How to Make Your First Million by Age 40

Being in your 20s or 30s doesn’t mean financial success is decades away. In fact, earning big money is often even more possible when in your “growing up” years because most people are a lot more willing (and able) to take risks before they get bogged down with the “realities” of life. While the old…

Protecting Your Wealth With A Domestic Asset Protection Trust?

Don’t Let Creditors Steal Your Wealth!?   Approximately 20 years ago, states like Delaware and Alaska became the first to create new trust laws to provide an attractive alternative for the thousands of Americans who were using offshore trusts to protect their assets. These changes allow for the creation of Domestic Asset Protection Trusts that…

Does Your Parent Need Help With Finances? Start Here

Caring for an aging parent is a common challenge for Baby Boomers, and now even Gen-X’ers and Millennials. And, stepping in to help manage your parents’ finances, without eroding their sense of independence and privacy, can be tricky. Many aging parents are reluctant to ask their children for help with their finances. It means a…

Thinking About Small Business Bankruptcy? First Consider These Important Factors

Although often perceived as a worst case scenario, bankruptcy can be an appropriate way for small businesses to recover from unmanageable debt by reorganization, reducing personal liability or liquidating business assets. Sometimes small businesses (or their owners) must turn to bankruptcy when cash flow slows or business expenses cannot be met. There are three types…

Three Health Care Documents You Need to Include in Your Estate Plan

Decisions about your health care are some of the most important you will ever make. Don’t put off making plans until you are unable to assert your wishes. Including health care documents in your estate plan can ensure your decisions are always your choice, even if you cannot speak for yourself. Health care documents that…

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