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What Happens When a Goliath Takes Your Trademark

Terri Kelly, a mother of six who started her “second life” as an entrepreneur designing comfortable flip-flops, did everything right when she launched her company. First, she designed a great product that addressed a market need. She worked tirelessly to get her product into shops, boutiques, and local stores. And she trademarked her unique branding…

5 Things You Need to Know Before You Name Beneficiaries

Once you have chosen the people you want to receive any of your assets — either from a will, a trust, a life insurance policy or a retirement or bank account — the way you designate how they will inherit should be a key consideration. What You Need to Consider Before Naming Beneficiaries Here are…

Why Not Every Child Should Be Equal When It Comes To Your Estate Plan

Why You Might Want to Consider Unequal Treatment of Children in Estate Matters It is natural for parents to want to treat their children equally when it comes to inheritances.  However, equal treatment is not always the best course of action when it comes to estate planning and gifts.  Here are some situations that call…

Bankruptcy 101

What to Know About Bankruptcy Bankruptcy. It’s the bad word every business owner is working hard to avoid. And, yes, it’s also a tool given to entrepreneurs as an encouragement to take risk and be able to have a fresh start when things do not go as planned. It’s a thought that may have crossed…

A Sad and Scary Tale: Why Legal Documents Simply Are Not Enough

Legal Document Case Gone Wrong If you’ve been following along here for any length of time, you’ve seen us write quite often about the need for every adult to have specific legal documents in place. What we haven’t written about quite as much is why legal documents themselves simply are not enough to ensure the well-being…

How to Divorce-Proof Your Business

Maintaining Your Business During Divorce Whether it is due to the high unemployment rates that hit several years ago or the entrepreneurial itch, Baby Boomers are now, instead of retiring,  married people who are starting their own businesses. If you own a business, it is probably your largest single financial asset. If you divorce, your ex…

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