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We can assist with all stages of planning mergers and acquisitions, from the initial planning to finalization, require legal preparation. The attorneys of Bridge Law LLP are here to help ensure your merger or acquisition is in line with all applicable state and federal regulations and laws governing business transactions.  We are also seasoned experts in drafting, structuring, and negotiating the terms of your transaction.

Our mergers and acquisitions attorneys provide our corporate clients assistance with strategic planning, regulatory compliance, independent committees and management groups.  Our knowledge and first-hand experience in strategic takeovers, antitrust, intellectual property law allow us to provide clients with innovative advice aimed at moving transactions forward.

A well-structured mergers and acquisitions agreement helps smaller companies expand and the larger businesses to monetize their competitive strengths. Our focus is to always add value in these business transactions. We will serve as strategic business advisors, helping clients evaluate risks and weigh objectives. We fully negotiate the transaction and craft the content for the agreements to accompany the deal from opening agreements to final closing documents.

Strategic Mergers and Acquisitions Planning Makes the Difference

Our clients look to us for help in every aspect of a transaction, including financing, regulatory approval, due diligence, valuation and operational issues.  Our work with private companies in their purchases, sales, and investments in companies and assets spans multiple industries.

When selling or purchasing an international business, you need to navigate regulatory schemes governed by a number of governmental agencies.  Each of these frameworks and agencies need to be consulted and understood in order to ensure the transaction is in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. This is where our team puts our global experience and resources to work for you.

Merger & Acquisition Attorneys

Given the breadth of our experience, we can handle almost any issue that may arise in an M&A transaction including:


When you utilize our team as trusted advisors, any issues regarding changing, eliminating, or consolidating an acquired firm’s benefit plans and labor agreements will be managed. If a transaction involves reductions in force or other issues under a labor contract, we advise on the best ways to deal with regulators, unions, and other stakeholders. We understand that it’s your upfront agreements (and your/our ability to renegotiate those agreements) that will keep you in the flow of business and out of the crunch of conflict.

Corporate Governance

We advise boards of directors and special committees on their fiduciary duties and potential liabilities to stockholders and creditors. We have extensive experience working with national and global regulatory agencies and are here to address the full scope of your business.

Intellectual Property Law

Our lawyers work to ensure that the intellectual property (IP) components of major transactions are handled to our client’s maximum benefit, particularly in joint ventures and strategic alliances involving the development or transfer of intellectual property. From trademarks to copyrights and protection of your branding, systems, and processes, we will help you determine what is protection-worthy and what can benefit from a simple, easy, and free stake of your claim.

Real Estate

Our years of experience assisting clients in the buying, selling, developing and leasing of property enables us to handle the full spectrum of real estate issues that may arise in a mergers or acquisition. Our real estate attorneys are capable of assisting you in areas including broker and agent representation, commercial real estate, landlord-tenant issues, and residential real estate as well as any other aspect of real estate law that you may encounter.


Because any business transaction can have adverse tax consequences if it is not properly structured, our tax advisors are able to provide the financial know-how to the planning of financings, mergers and acquisitions, asset purchases and sales. When your tax situation is structured right, you could be paying less than 10% of your income in taxes. Yes, less than 10%. Or, you could pay as much as 50% of your income in taxes.

Business Law Attorneys for Mergers and Acquisitions in Orange County

You need a strong advocate and partner on your side. Let us partner with you to help your business grow and thrive. Contact our attorneys to help you when considering mergers and acquisitions.

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