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Today, a business’s ability to victoriously protect, manage, and enforce its intellectual property is tantamount to its success in an increasingly crowded global economy. Our lawyers are here to help you navigate intellectual property law (IP) during all stages of company growth.

The law firm of Bridge Law LLP consistently provides clients with time-tested advice on all aspects of intellectual property law including litigation, patent and trademark creation and prosecution, copyrights, infringement, and licensing.

Intellectual Property Protection

From trademarks to copyrights, to the protection of your branding, systems, and processes, our lawyers will help you determine what really is protection-worthy with a complete registration with the United States Patent & Trademark Office (or other international jurisdictions) and what can benefit from a simple, easy and free stake of your claim.

If and when one of your trademarks or copyrights are infringed upon (meaning someone else out there is using something you have staked a claim to), we’ll make contact on your behalf in such a way that it opens up a dialogue and even the possibility for future collaboration.

If you own a business, want to set up a company in the U.S. or overseas, and also want to register a trademark or otherwise protect your intellectual property, turn to our legal team. We have valuable insight and experience in these undertakings that will be crucially beneficial for your business.

Companies are constantly creating new materials and products that may require legal protection. It is essential that your business’ intellectual property has the proper protections to prevent other businesses from benefiting from your hard work.

National and International Concerns

  • Trademarks: A trademark is a symbol, wordmark or other sign that differentiates a business or its services and products from another business’s services and materials.
  • Copyrights: A copyright gives rights to the creators over literary and/or artistic works, including books, computer programs, technical drawings, databases, advertisements, movies, music and more.
  • Patents: A patent is the protection of an invention, granting rights to the owner of the patent.

If you are unsure what type of intellectual property protection is appropriate for you and your business, let our law firm help. We are happy to review all of your documentation and materials, and provide you with straightforward advice regarding your intellectual property.

Trusted Intellectual Property Lawyers Focused on the Global Marketplace

As a business ourselves, we understand the importance of setting yourself apart from the crowd. Your intellectual property is one way you can be individualized in a vast sea of international companies. Our attorneys use their intercontinental knowledge and litigation experience in the handling of each case. Having been involved in numerous business transactions as a part of overseas firms and priding ourselves on our multimillion-dollar successes in the courtroom, we know what it takes to get results. In addition to these attributes, we also utilize our trusted network of international lawyers, tax advisors and consultants throughout Europe, Asia, and the Middle East, which when needed increases our ability to aggressively advocate on your behalf.

You need a strong advocate and partner on your side. Let us partner with you to help your business grow and thrive. Contact our attorneys to help with your intellectual property concerns.

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