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Why Litigation Isn’t Always the Answer?

There are other ways to resolve problems?. You’ve been wronged. It’s highly emotional. For some people, an immediate reaction is to consider filing suit. Suing will get your money or your property back. Suing will get the justice you deserve. After all, no one should be able to take advantage of another person and get…

Am I Due Class Action Settlement Money?

Class action lawsuits are common in our court systems. Most everyone has received a notice in the mail of a class action suit involving consumer products, from cars to jewelry. Even if the recipient has a valid claim, the information being provided is lengthy, in small print, and very legalistic. As a result, a lot…

Piercing the Corporate Veil

Alter-Ego and Why That Is an Ego You Need to Understand It’s a common assumption that a corporation and its shareholders are generally treated as separate legal entities. Acts through a corporation are performed by its officers, and the corporation enters into its own contracts. Another assumption is the corporation’s assets, and not those of…

Legal Issues Worth Pondering Before Ride-Sharing

Ride-sharing pioneers Uber and Lyft are proving to be very successful in markets around the country and the globe. Uber operates in 250 cities in 50 countries, and Lyft is in 70 cities across the United States. The draw of these companies is the ease with which customers can hail and pay for a ride,…

Be Careful: Court Ruling Makes Data Breach Lawsuits Much Easier

Do you collect, store and use client and prospect data as part of your business? If so, you must know and follow the rules to keep your business safe from an expensive, unnecessary lawsuit. Be Aware of Data Breach Data breaches involving retailers and Internet services are common these days. Naturally, litigation has followed. Breaches…

Five Steps You Can Take Now to Be Ready for Litigation

Be Prepared for Litigation In our world of electronic communication, your business needs to be prepared to handle the major risk of litigation. You could be responsible to produce records, reports, and data from your computer network and systems. As a result, electronic discovery could cost your business tens or even hundreds of thousands of…

Alternatives to Trial: Alternative Dispute Resolution

If you are involved in a lawsuit, the thought of going to trial may be intimidating. Many people have never been in a courtroom, so they envision a large, formal room with wooden trim, an overbearing judge in a long, black robe, and a jury that appears condemning. Most lawsuits, however, never go to trial….

How Small Business Owners Can Avoid Lawsuits

A recent Inc. article authored by entrepreneur Kevin Daum brought to light one of the most prevalent questions asked by business owners: “How can I avoid being sued?” Although it may seen counterintuitive at first glance, the job of a Creative Business Lawyer™ is to help clients avoid litigation, so one of the best (and…

Can I Still Be Sued If My Business Is Incorporated?

Absolutely! What’s the Catch? Piercing the Corporate Veil:  In certain situations, courts can ignore the limited liability status of a company or LLC and hold its officers, directors, and shareholders or members personally liable for its debts. When this happens, it is called piercing the corporate veil. Unfortunately, many people get bad advice.  Too often, we receive calls from…

What to Do If Your Customer Files Bankruptcy

It’s been said that into every life a little rain must fall, and for small business owners, that shower (or storm) can come in the form of a customer or client’s bankruptcy. Here are some tips on what you need to do to improve your odds of getting paid: Stop contact. Bankruptcy law prohibits creditors…

Bankruptcy 101

What to Know About Bankruptcy Bankruptcy. It’s the bad word every business owner is working hard to avoid. And, yes, it’s also a tool given to entrepreneurs as an encouragement to take risk and be able to have a fresh start when things do not go as planned. It’s a thought that may have crossed…

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