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“Simon Says”: Bridge Law Partner Simon Khinda Speaks on Legal Issues re: Covid-19

Important Update for Landlords and Tenants In light of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic cities, and counties are taking steps to minimize the impact on tenants, including placing moratoriums on evictions, holds on shutting off utilities due to nonpayment, and prohibiting late rent fees. The federal government has suspended evictions and foreclosures in public housing until…

New California Immigration Obligations Facing Employers in 2018 ?

Learned about the new obligations starting january 1, 2018.?    Governor Brown recently signed six new statutory obligations into law that took effect on January 1st, 2018. AB 450 was among the new obligations, signed on October 5th, 2017, and among other things, it prohibits employers from voluntary consenting to allowing immigration officials to access…

Departing Employees and Trade Secrets: Minimizing the Risk

Departing Employees and Trade Secrets: Minimizing the Risk You’ve worked hard to build your business. You’ve developed products or services and the processes, policies, and strategies which drive them. So what do you do when a key employee tells you he/she will be leaving? How do you protect the business systems you’ve worked so hard…

Does Your Employee Handbook Violate the Rules?

The National Labor Relations Board General Counsel issued a report earlier this year commenting on unlawful employee handbook rules. The goal of the report is to help employers avoid establishing rules that may discourage employees from engaging in activities that are protected by the National Labor Relations Act. The Employee Handbook Section 7 of the…

How Should You Handle Transgender Restroom Access? OSHA Provides a Clue . . .

A short while ago, civil rights for those who identified as lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, or transgender were effectively non-existent. However, there has been a recent flurry of activity in this area. The United States Supreme Court ruled that a person can legally marry someone of the same sex. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission determined that…

Are You Entitled to Unpaid Time Off Without Risking Your Job?

The Family and Medical Leave Act may provide unpaid time off due to the serious health condition of an employee or an employee’s immediate family member. However, only certain employers, known as “covered employers,” are required to comply with this law. Additionally, employees must meet certain basic requirements before they are entitled to the leave….

Confidentiality in Employment Investigations

Investigating Your Employees No employer wants to conduct a workplace investigation. But investigating an employee may become necessary to limit the company’s liability exposure, comply with legal requirements, maintain discipline, or protect other employees. And if you have to conduct a workplace investigation, you may think it should be kept confidential. After all, how many…

Employee Handbook Guidance from the National Labor Relations Board

  As union membership continues to fall nationwide, the NLRB seems to be more closely monitoring company employment practices and policies. The Board is on the lookout for policies that could deter non-union employees from engaging in activities protected by Section 7 of the National Labor Relations Act. What is Section 7? Section 7 protects…

Should You Give Year-End Bonuses?

What’s the deal with Year- End Bonuses? This time of year, it’s a big question for all employers. Where do year-end bonuses for team members fit into the business? You may be facing a year-end cash slump or big expenses. Or, you may have a bunch of cash on hand and be facing a big…

Prop 19: Reduce Property Taxes Before February 16th!

Proposition 19 will affect each and every person who owns a property, whether it’s a primary residence, a vacation home, a rental property, or a commercial property.

According to the new law, we have a limited window to take action in order to lock in our property taxes under the old rules. 

Please click below to watch a recording of Bridge Law’s webinar discussing Prop. 19 and what you need to know. There are strategies available to us if we plan now!
Watch our Prop. 19 Webinar

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