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Before You Take Off for Summer Vacation, Take On These 5 To-Dos

Take Care of These 5 Things Before You Hit The Beach It’s no surprise that Americans spend more time planning their summer vacations than they do planning their estate. After all, a vacation is a trip you want to go on, while the eternal “trip” is not. However, wouldn’t you travel with more peace of…

A Plan for Protecting Your Most Valuable Asset: Your Children

If you have young children, chances are that your summer activities include some careful planning to keep them safe from harm. Unfortunately, even with proper precautions in place, accidents do happen and not just to children. Have you planned for what will happen to your children if you are the one involved in a tragic…

Could Your Email Form a Binding Contract?

Legally Binding Contract Basics The Internet has changed the way businesses negotiate, review and revise their contracts. Sending emails back and forth can make the process faster and more convenient, but you should be aware that it can also lead to inadvertent liability. The use of electronic evidence or digital data has drastically increased in…

Protecting Your Child with a Special Needs Trust

Protect Your Special Needs Family Member When you have a family member with special needs, it is important to understand that your estate planning strategy is unique and requires the assistance of an attorney experienced in creating Special Needs Trusts. If an inheritance is left directly to your family member with special needs, it could…

Why Every LLC Needs an Operating Agreement

Benefits of an Operating LLC System Many business owners make the choice to operate as a limited liability company (LLC) for the personal liability protection this business entity provides. Beyond that, they may not give much thought to creating an LLC operating agreement since most states have LLC laws with default provisions that dictate how…

How to Protect Family Heirlooms From a Family Feud

The passing of family heirlooms from one generation to another should be a welcome tradition in most families, but unfortunately, this process can cause long-lasting family rifts if not done properly. There are many stories of families that have split over a silver tea service or a portrait of a long-dead ancestor. In fact, you…

These 3 Legal Risks Can Bust Your Business

How to Avoid Legal Business Risks While there is no such thing as a business with no risk, most savvy business owners look for ways to mitigate risk as much as possible. Being aware of these three legal risks will create an understanding of the future of your business. Trusting a verbal or handshake agreement….

How to Benefit from an Estate Plan When You Own Real Estate

The Benefits of an Estate Plan Many parents believe that by adding a child’s name to a property deed, they can pass along the property outside of probate. Unfortunately, those who act on that belief often find they have invited more problems than they have avoided. This is because, in many states, when more than…

What Every Single Parent Needs to Know About Estate Planning

How to Prepare Your Children’s’ Life As a Single Parent If you are a single parent, life for you right now probably couldn’t get any busier. You are likely being pulled between work, school activities, sports teams and the inevitable emergencies that fill the lives of single parents everywhere. Being a single parent is a…

5 Situations Why Every Business Needs a Personal Lawyer

When To Hire a Personal Lawyer: Every business owner at one time or another needs legal advice. While it may be tempting to turn to the Internet for your legal needs, there are three important instances when you will want to have a lawyer on a payroll. Entity Formation When you are ready to start…

Prop 19: Reduce Property Taxes Before February 16th!

Proposition 19 will affect each and every person who owns a property, whether it’s a primary residence, a vacation home, a rental property, or a commercial property.

According to the new law, we have a limited window to take action in order to lock in our property taxes under the old rules. 

Please click below to watch a recording of Bridge Law’s webinar discussing Prop. 19 and what you need to know. There are strategies available to us if we plan now!
Watch our Prop. 19 Webinar

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We want you to feel comfortable discussing your legal issue with us, so we offer a free consultation to learn about your problem. Contact us today to setup a time to come in and talk with our team.