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What You Must Pay Attention to At Your Next Home Sale Closing

  The Home Sale Closing Process A home sale closing is the end of the process of buying a home. It is the point at which the seller gets paid and the buyer receives title to the property. In addition to the seller and buyer, the parties present at a closing are usually the following:…

Autonomous Cars and You

Have you ever slammed on the brakes of your car to avoid a crash? If so, odds are that you were using automated vehicle technology. Major auto manufacturers are racing to develop self-driving car capability, but will we see that technology soon? How will this cutting-edge technology affect you? What Is a Self-Driving Car? Let’s…

Wearable Technology: What Does It Mean for You?

How Can Wearable Technology Affect Your Life? Recent headlines have been replete with data breach stories in the last few years. The number of companies and government agencies that have had their systems hacked is staggering. Names, addresses, Social Security numbers, credit card numbers, and other personal information have all been stolen by hackers from…

Confidentiality in Employment Investigations

Investigating Your Employees No employer wants to conduct a workplace investigation. But investigating an employee may become necessary to limit the company’s liability exposure, comply with legal requirements, maintain discipline, or protect other employees. And if you have to conduct a workplace investigation, you may think it should be kept confidential. After all, how many…

Could an AMBER Alert save your child?

   Protecting Your Child As a parent, your number one job is to keep your children safe, and that’s not always easy. In our imperfect world, there is no shortage of potential dangers to innocent children. One of a parent’s worst nightmares is the thought of the abduction of a child. We hear stories of…

Senior Drivers and Safe Driving

  One of the uncomfortable moments of life for many people is when they try to address automobile ownership and driving with their elderly family members. States have grappled with this issue over the years, considering driver’s tests for older drivers and other measures to promote driver safety. What Are The Risks of Senior Drivers?…

Employee Handbook Guidance from the National Labor Relations Board

  As union membership continues to fall nationwide, the NLRB seems to be more closely monitoring company employment practices and policies. The Board is on the lookout for policies that could deter non-union employees from engaging in activities protected by Section 7 of the National Labor Relations Act. What is Section 7? Section 7 protects…

Should You Give Year-End Bonuses?

What’s the deal with Year- End Bonuses? This time of year, it’s a big question for all employers. Where do year-end bonuses for team members fit into the business? You may be facing a year-end cash slump or big expenses. Or, you may have a bunch of cash on hand and be facing a big…

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